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Hi guys!
Thank you very much for you support. I´ve reached 7000 comments! :) :happybounce: Hug 

I´d like to thank you for all kinds of warm words from you, you make my days brighter and I appreciate it! :)
It´s not something normal for me. I try to write replies to you as much as I can, if I have enought time :) 

Thank you once again for your support and I hope that this year wouldn´t be different! :) I hope I won´t dissapoint you and just bring good shots :)

I wish all the best in 2015, have fun and make love! :)
Hi gyus! :) I´ve a few news for you :)

Btw How are you?

School has started and I´m very busy with my studies at uni :) The reason is my schedule...I have long breaks between classes :)

The great news is...that I´m a dance teacher for kids! :)
Today I did first class and it was absolutely fantastic and full of energy! :)

I´m verry happy and excited that I´ve decided to share this news with you :)

And...what abou you? :) Do you like dancing? and what kind of? I´m very interested...or if you know great tips for music, rhytm etc..I´d be grateful :) I search for not so famous songs or music...just doesn´t matter :)
Thank you and have a successful week! :)

:happybounce: Hug 
Hi guys! :)

First of all, I´d like to say sorry...but I´m quite busy at the moment and I don´t have enought time for replying and sending thank you messages :) You know...real life caught, work, friends,´s little bit crazy at the moment :)

Anyway...THANK ALL OF YOU! :) 

For huge support, comments, faves, watching and also great and positive energy :)

I think be positive is very important thing nowadays...:)
Thank you so much and I hope you´ll enjoy my art and work in the future :) 

Take pictures, be creative and stay positive in any case! :) 

Woooow! Thank you very much for giving me a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP :) (Smile) It´s really kind of you and I really appreciate it so much :) (Smile) Thank you one more time ! :) (Smile) 

I promise, I´ll keep going to submit my photos, art and ideas on DA :) (Smile)
Hope I won´t dissapoint you :) (Smile)

Have a nice week and also weekend :) (Smile) 

Thank you very much :) (Smile)Hug
Thank you very much..:) (Smile)) I was really suprised this morning, when I opened my DA site..:) (Smile)) I was Are these people crazy? :D (Big Grin)
But after that I realized that I received DD and I´m so proud! :) (Smile) I really appreciate! :) (Smile) Thank you very much for this oppurtunity to be seen..:) (Smile)
I´m happy and be happy too with me! :) (Smile)) Thank you and have a nice time!!!

Thank all for your support, comments and favs! :) (Smile))  

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
Be with your darlings, family and friends! Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! :)))


I finally passed my leaving exam succesfully! :) So I am so happy..:)

Hope you´re fine!
First of all I wanna to tell you such a big THANK YOU! Thanks for your support, comments and favs!
It means something very important to me! :))

I am preparing for my leaving exam at school, so I have got lots of work with studying..:)) But please wish me a luck...:)

I had to choose some university and I chose English literature and Russian language..:) I hope its gonna be OK..:)

Now I´m dependence on this song!…

I hope you´ll like it!

Have a nice day!


Hi guys!
Christmas time is coming with incredible speed and I don´t have any presents yet..:)
Fortunately, there´s lot of snow, Christmas mood and there are friends and family...:)) I cannot wait for the Christmas Eve...this is my most favourite time in the year...:))) and what abot YOU? Are you excited about Christmas???

Here is my favourite song for you!…

Finally I added new photo SPLENDID LOVE, I hope, that you like it!

Thanks for your time and HAVE A NICE TIME WITH YOUR CLOSERS..:))
First of all, I have to say thanks to all my watchers and fav doners..:) I won´t have 10000 without you..:)
I really appreciate it!!
Second, I have new collection of photos...coming soon..!

Have a nice time!
I wish you all happy NEW YEAR!!!!
I wish you all  Merry Christmas!
Hey there!
I decided to write a journal, because my profile crossed over 6000 pageviews :) I would like to thank you for your watches, fans, comments and praises :)I appreciate it...:)
Thank you and just keep the pace to post comments!! :)